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Want career progress? Actively work on it!

Want career progress? Actively work on it!
Photo by Jukan Tateisi / Unsplash

The past few months I had multiple conversations with colleagues and friends about their career. They asked for my advice, help, or they gave an update on their progress, or lack thereof.

The most interesting thing I've found during those conversations is that all people that actively worked on their career, even if there was no need for it because they were fine with their current employer and job, had the most energy and were most happy. Maybe that is not so strange at all.

I am in my current position, not because I was lucky, but because I:

  • Actively worked on networking with other people in other or the current organization(s) I admire
  • Actively worked on knowledge sharing to my network so people know what my expertise is
  • Pursued my goal instead of waiting for others to get me there (they don't get you anywhere!) when I felt like I wanted to transition to another role or company

It’s better to take the time to find your next step, even within the same company, instead of being forced to decide in a short time period.

Extra tips for active career progress:

  • Read non-fiction books your peers are reading
  • Find online communities where your peers are, even if they are in another continent and just watch and listen