Hire me

Although I absolutely love my job as Product Owner at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport I do want to scretch my Splunk itch so I am open for small engaments.

What kind of engagements?

  1. Splunk workshops
  2. Splunk presentations at meetups
  3. Splunk environment reviews
  4. Splunk design services

Splunk workshops

I often run into engineers who are responsible for an application or platforms which requires to be connected to Splunk Enterprise for monitoring purposes. Most companies have a Splunk team available to assist you but from experience I can tell that it helps tremendously if you already understand how Splunk works so the collaboration can really be fruitful.

Topics can be:

  1. Logfile preparation for ideal onboarding
  2. Logfile onboarding using Splunk forwarders (local logfiles, syslog, etc.)
  3. Event onboarding using the Splunk HTTP event collector
  4. Metric onboarding using statsd or the OTEL collector

Splunk presentations

Are you organizing a meetup and want to have someone who talks (too much) about Splunk? Please contact me so we can work out what is needed!

I've spoken at Splunk .conf in Washington DC and on multiple company meetups so I'm confident we can help each other.

Splunk environment reviews

Are you using Splunk and want a thorough review on the environment to know what you can improve but also how to position it for further success? Please contact me so we can make this happen.

Splunk design services

Do you need a redesign of your Splunk platform? Or do you want to start monitoring a Kong API platform with Splunk and want to know how to approach it? Let me help you with a design document which you can start implementing right away!